Joan's recipes from the Millpond Inn B&B

Because Joan is asked for the recipe for her yogurt constantly, we are adding it here:
Starter: you need 8 oz of a natural plain yogurt or A freeze dried yogurt product called Yo’gourmet
Milk, any kind or quantity you like. I use whole and make a gallon at a time. The gallon of milk will make about             two quarts of drained yogurt
The whole process takes 24 hours

Cook milk in a large covered pot on a medium low heat till a layer of bubbles covers the top. This is between               180-190 degrees
Drop the heat to your lowest setting, crack the cover, and let it cook for and additional 1-2 hours
Remove cover and let milk cool to 110-115 degrees. NO HOTTER
Break holes in the skim around the edge and in the middle and add starter
If you are using yogurt as a starter, take it out of the frig when you start cooling your milk. This will allow it to                 warm a little
Wrap the covered pot in 2-4 bath towels to keep it warm and put in a warm spot for 10-12 hours. I put mine on          a griddle set at warm. Hot water tanks and boilers also work well
Refrigerate the Yogurt for 2-4 hour.
Drain the yogurt in a colander lined with 2 layers of paper towels, in the Frig. If you don’t want the skim in the              yogurt spoon it off before draining and use in smoothie
Reduce the yogurt by half
To make fruit flavored add honey or sweetener to taste, a bit of vanilla and any fresh, frozen fruit or even jam.. Enjoy

Joan's yogurt recipe - It has been called the best in the world.

More recipes will be added in the future